Take control of the air with a counter UAV

Counter UAVs are used to prevent unauthorized drones from entering restricted airspace, disrupting events, or posing a threat to public safety. They can also be used to protect critical infrastructure such as power plants, government buildings, and airports. With the increasing popularity and accessibility of drones, counter UAV technology has become an important tool in maintaining security and protecting against potential threats.


This includes reliable detection capabilities, fast response times, and an array of neutralization options

Ease of Use

Easy to use and require minimal training. A quick and effective deployment in the field.


Able to integrate with existing security systems and infrastructure to provide a comprehensive solution.

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KAAWAL – Anti Drone Solution is an advanced system designed to counter illegal drone intrusion and safeguard critical sites and individuals from potential terrorist threats. It typically includes components for detection, jamming, and visual identification. The system uses a high-powered camera powered by an A.I. computing engine to locate and determine the drone’s orientation. LiDAR is used as an option to accurately profile the drone, followed by activation of the signal jammer


Applications for Counter UAV

The following are some applications that should consider using counter UAV technology

Military and Defense

Military bases, training grounds, and other defense-related facilities require counter UAV systems to prevent unauthorized drones from entering restricted airspace and gathering intelligence.

Critical Infrastructure

Power plants, government buildings, airports, and other critical infrastructure require counter UAVs to protect against potential attacks and disruptions from drones.

Public Safety and Event Security

Large events, public gatherings, and crowded areas require counter UAVs to prevent drones from disrupting the event or posing a threat to public safety.

Prisons and Correctional Facilities

Prisons and correctional facilities require counter UAVs to prevent contraband from being dropped in by drones and to maintain security within the facility.

Private Properties

Private properties such as industrial sites, research facilities, and residential communities require counter UAVs to protect against drones that may enter restricted airspace and pose a threat to property or privacy.

Border Security

Border security agencies require counter UAVs to prevent unauthorized drones from crossing national borders and to protect against potential smuggling, human trafficking, or terrorist activities